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Turistické informační centrum Kuks, č. p. 72

Tourist Information Centre Kuks

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+420 499 422 423


Kuks 72 (Jeschke Manson)
544 43 Kuks

Opening times
April: Fri, Sat, Sun

May–September: Tue–Sun

October: Fri, Sat, Sun



Three routes, three walks. See Kuks and Braun's Nativity Scene. 


Hospital Kuks

Count Sporck's Kuks

Take a stroll around the complex of this former Baroque spa of Kuks and see how it looked at its peak. The route is passable whatever the weather, starting and ending at the car park by the entrance to Kuks.


Braunův Betlém

Braun's Nativity Scene

From Kuks to Bethlehem and back, courtesy of Braun's Nativity Scene. Carved into the rocks, it’s considered the height of Czech Baroque and features a gallery of sculptures by Matthias Braun. It’s a 7 km walk so sturdy shoes are recommended. 

Ctnosti a Neřesti v Kuksu

Tour of the Virtues and Vices

Let us lead you to Kuks Hospital to discover the healing atmosphere of its garden, a centuries-old apothecary and allegorical sculptures of human virtues and vices. The trip is possible whatever the weather. Please note that some places can be visited only with a guide for a fee. The route begins and ends on the terrace in front of the church.