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Turistické informační centrum Kuks, č. p. 72

Tourist Information Centre Kuks

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Kuks 72 (Jeschke Manson)
544 43 Kuks

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Tomb of the Count


Take a peek into the Count's tomb. Along with the hospital, temple and cemetery, it used to make up the spiritual world of Kuks - the so-called "bank of death". On the opposite side of the River Elbe was the bank of life with a chateau, theatre, a!nd the never-ending jollity of spa life.

Each evening after a ball drew to a close, the Count invited guests onto the balcony of the chateau on the opposite bank and pointed to the eternal light shining from the tomb, just to r!emind everyone of the transience of life.

Resting in the tomb are the founder of the family and imperial general Johann Sporck, his son and founder of Kuks Franz Anton, and other relatives. The facility also contains the remains of the last Countess of Kuks, Katherina Swéerts- Sporck († 1945).