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Turistické informační centrum Kuks, č. p. 72

Tourist Information Centre Kuks

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+420 499 422 423


Kuks 72 (Jeschke Manson)
544 43 Kuks

Opening times
April: Fri, Sat, Sun

May–September: Tue–Sun

October: Fri, Sat, Sun


Kuks spa

Kuks is a place steeped in vice and virtue, with vice to the fore. While Baroque stories often start with a miracle, it’s fraud that seems to have been behind Kuks.

The spring waters don't have healing properties, but Kuks once surpassed other spa resorts in Europe, attracting celebrities and artists. It’s said that wine flowed from the fountains.

A magnificent library, one of the country's oldest theatres, a chateau with a spa and a racecourse... 

Although long gone, there's still a lot to see: Baroque spa buildings, picturesque spaces with fountains, romantic log cabins and the view from the local vineyard, plus the massive cascading staircase with its flowing springs.


Kuks se otevírá Kuks se otevírá